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Palomar Health Crisis Stabilization Unit

Project Completed: Palomar Health Crisis Stabilization Unit

Construction has completed on the Palomar Health Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU) in Escondido, California, and the facility is fully in use. The new two-story, 6,700 square foot building is used to treat behavioral health patients on an outpatient basis and can accommodate 16 patients.

The unique method of construction involved 12 building modules constructed off-site in a factory production warehouse in Whitley, Indiana. The completed building modules were then transported by truck across the country to the building site in Escondido, where they were craned into position on top of the site-constructed concrete foundation. Benefits of utilizing modulated construction include the speed to market, improved quality control and overall project cost savings.

Aerial footage of the CSU on the Palomar Health Escondido campus can be seen here.

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