At Mascari Warner Architects, we understand that for a business to truly be innovative and responsive to the clients’ needs, there must be a shift from simply producing a service to creating an environment, evoking a feeling, and inspiring those who interact with it. From healthcare to commercial, offices to residential, we beautifully combine function with form from the inside out.


Exterior shot of City of Hope building

City of Hope Infusion Center Completed

The MWA-designed Infusion Center at the City of Hope just opened to serve Southern California and the surrounding community of East Los Angeles. The project included a 5,500 SF renovation and 3,100 SF addition to an existing Women’s Center in the Familian CRU (Clinical Research Lab) Building to a 20-bed Infusion Center including Pharmacy and Pathology Lab. The Infusion program is a relocation and expansion of their existing program.  The massing of the new building follows the geometry of the existing. The building exterior is composed of a modern frit glass pattern replicating the existing concrete panel texture. Set between the existing building with courtyard, the new building is nestled in like a shining jewel complementing the campus.



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