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University of California, San Diego – Central Energy Plant Expansion & Chillers Addition


For UCSD (University side) in San Diego, California, Mascari Dinh Architects is providing architectural services for an expansion to the existing facility. This project is for a new 20,000 SF building and plant to accommodate four 3,000-ton chillers, associated pumps, controls and accessories, and all electrical distribution equipment, as well as a Telecom Room and an outdoor utility yard to accommodate four cooling towers and a Thermal Energy Storage Tank. The building has a full basement below the chillers. The chilled water piping is connected to the campus chilled water loop and extends to the future College Living and Learning Neighborhoods.

Included within the building is also a shared office with workstations and additional support space.
Concept Design was generated after analyzing the site context and constraints, both surrounding the site and the existing grades and underground utilities. The building lends itself to blending into its environment. Elements that will draw from the vocabulary of the existing central plant of glass and louvres, nestled in the hillside, blends in with the density of the surrounding grove, trees and a textured concrete for the walls is the architectural expression.  This is a strong architectural character that is prevalent throughout the campus.

The standing seam metal roof is proposed in a curvilinear form as an expression of the building nestled in the terrain.  The roof is supported by steel beams and perimeter concrete bearing walls, including a retaining wall below grade, running along the western side of the building. This also acts as a sound barrier to the surrounding area. The Thermal Energy Storage Tank has a random pattern and colors reflecting the shades of both leaf and bark of the eucalyptus trees within the grove.

Project Highlights

  • 20,000 SF plant
  • Four 3,000-ton chillers


San Diego, California

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